Primary students at Houghton HallWhat is Houghton Estate?
Houghton is a privately owned stately home belonging to Lord & Lady Cholmondeley. The Hall and Estate is open to members of the public for some days during the summer months and open to educational groups all year round. Please visit Houghton Hall’s website here.

Where is Houghton Estate?
Houghton Estate is situated in Norfolk just off the A148 about halfway between Fakenham and King’s Lynn. Please click here to view a map.

Can anyone visit Houghton Estate?
Houghton Estate is open to the general public from May to October each year. Entrance fees apply.
Educational Groups can visit the Estate throughout the year free of charge, when the estate is closed to the general public, once at least 1 member of staff have participated in the Houghton Education Group Leader Training at the cost of £100 (for up to 2 staff members).

How is the Houghton Learning programme managed?
Houghton Education is managed by a steering group of key partners, including; Houghton Estate, Norfolk County Council and Norfolk Wildlife Trust. Actions are then implemented by the part-time Houghton Learning Coordinator.

What can we do there?
Educational groups visit on a self guided basis, thus it is up to your group leader as to the activities that you undertake during your visit. Groups are able to use the Education centre, woodland, parkland, walled gardens and art installations during their visits as well as borrow equipment and resources. Example activities of outdoor learning activities previous groups have undertaken:

  • Nature based activities – minibeast hunts, wildlife watching
  • Sensory games – blindfold walks, colour collections, sound mapping etc
  • Forest School sessions – if group leader is a Level 3 Forest School leader
  • Teddy Bears Picnic
  • Gaining inspiration – for eco poetry literacy work
  • Looking at plants and growing in the walled gardens
  • Artlandish programme – visiting the land art installations

Primary students at Houghton HallWhen can we visit?
Before you make a visit all group leaders must attend the Houghton Education Group Leader Training at the cost of £100 for up to 2 staff members.

Currently Educational Groups use the Estate whilst it is closed to the general public. This is Monday – Friday during the winter months and Mondays, Tuesdays and Fridays in the summer months (May – October).

Can we use the Houghton Minibus?
If you are a group within a 20 mile radius of the Houghton Estate you are eligible to use the minibus free of charge for your visits.

Can we go into the Hall?
Sorry but entrance to the Hall is not possible on days when the Estate is closed to the general public.

How many visits can we make?
As many as you would like, as bookings allow. The learning programmes were designed with repeat visits in mind to encourage groups to visit Houghton through the changing seasons.

How many people can we bring on our visits?mansculpture
The facilities for the education groups have been designed with a class size group in mind (up to 30-35 children).

What age group can we bring on visits?
Any age group are welcome to visit Houghton Estate. However, it is worth knowing that as historically the facilities were tailored for the Early Years and Key Stage 1 age groups, many of the resources available to borrow are aimed at this age group. We are hoping to develop some more resources for older age groups in the future.

Can you lead activities for us during our visit?
Sorry, No. Houghton Estate does not employ any educational staff. Groups are welcome to use the estate and facilities purely on a self-guided basis. However, some groups in the past have employed a practitioner to lead sessions for them at Houghton (as examples some groups have asked freelance Artists, Forest School leaders, Wildlife specialists etc to join them on their visit and lead sessions).